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Make a personal statement with beautiful bespoke bathroom furniture. Wedgerwood's design team offer a tailor-made bathroom design service using innovative software. 

The team can work with you to create custom bathroom furniture pieces. With a vast amount of experience working with clients who require customised furniture to fit specific requirements, Wedgerwood will find those solutions for your toiletry storage while showcasing your bathroom hardware.  The options are endless - from restoring heirloom or legacy furniture to creating new pieces to include as bathroom furniture.

Add something a little different than the standard off-the-shelf vanity and storage cupboard to your bathroom.

Come see the team to help you think out side the square to bring your ideas of a bespoke one-of-a-kind bathroom into reality!  

Call or email the team now - 

Master Ensuite Vanity
Custom Vanity and Window
Master Ensuite Twin Vanity.jpg
Guest Bathroom Joinery

Cromwell, Queenstown, Alexandra, Wanaka

Custom Ensuite Vanity
Powder Room Panelling
Bespoke oak Vanity
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