About Us

Wedgerwood Joinery is located in Alexandra, Central Otago. We are one of the largest joinery factories in the Central Otago, Southern Lakes region and have been operating for over 20 years. Wedgerwood Joinery are specialists in the manufacture of all types of timber Joinery. 

Wedgerwood's experienced staff will be able to assist you on a whole range of design and manufacture projects. Everything from repairing and restoring a prized piece of furniture through to designing and building your dream kitchen.

The Central Otago and Southern Lakes area has a unique climate so it is essential to seek local advice when considering the use of timber within a building or renovation project, particularly for advice on the type of timber to use for outdoor applications. Our experienced Joiners take pride in bringing out the beauty of the timber they use.

Company Director

Blair Harris has been involved with Wedgerwood Joinery since 1991, starting as a Joiner on the floor to becoming the owner by 1994. With 35 years of experience in the industry this equates to a considerable amount of knowledge in all aspects of Joinery. Blair's wealth of joinery knowledge is called upon continuously by clients and those involved in the building industry. Blair provides his team with the support needed to produce the high quality workmanship that we are well known for throughout the Central Otago/Southern Lakes District & wider areas. The length of service by all of the guys & girls at Wedgerwood speaks volumes for the leadership of Blair and reflects the strong team commitment.